10 Powerful Elixirs for Optimal Health ebook

10 Powerful Elixirs for Optimal Health ebook

Greetings dear one!


To purchase this ebook, send $10 via venmo to venmo/upliftedparticles and I will personally send you a copy of this fun elixir book! I appreciate you support :)


I am so excited to share this little slice of my heart with you!


I started making elixirs 2 years ago and since then they have become a part of my daily routine. It's so fun to experiment and feel the amazing, vibrant effects of these drinks!


I encourage you to get playful with these recipes by adding some of your favorite herbs and fruits as you see fit!


Have so much fun with it!!


Sending all of the light, love, and blessings that life has to offer your way~


You are a magical, powerful creator!


With Love, 





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