How I healed myself..

Healing is a lifelong process. You don’t wake up one day magically healed, rather you spend your whole life practicing wellness. We all want to be well, but with so much conflicting information present it’s hard to know where to start. I truly began my wellness journey one and a half years ago and since then I’ve moved mountains.

Wellness is a spectrum, healing occurs when the mind, body and spirit are in balance. Healing is a daily practice and every single thing you do either adds to it or takes away from it. To understand how to heal we must understand what is making us sick in the first place.

I was very sick and tired from being trapped inside of my own mind. My mind had great power over me and controlled my thoughts. It made me believe things that weren’t true about myself and the world. It told me that what was happening right in front of my wasn’t good enough, that the next thing was going to be better. This held me hostage to a constant stream of dissatisfaction.

Alcohol was making me very sick. I was not an alcoholic by any means, but I depended on it in social situations and drank it regularly to mask my feelings. Alcohol is a band aid on top of reality that costs us our health and well being. Alcohol is considered normal in our culture, it shows up in almost any social situation or event. The truth about alcohol is that it is poison. The truth about alcohol is that it is killing us. It is separating us from ourselves and each other because it brings us into a state of imbalance and cuts the connection between the mind, body and spirit. As soon as I stopped drinking alcohol regularly, I began thinking clearly enough to make the better choices that followed.

“Each behavior casts a vote for the type of person you want to become.”

I believed that something outside of myself was coming to save me. That one day the perfect person or scenario would present itself and suddenly I would be fulfilled forever and all my problems would disappear.

I remember feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin that I was petrified in public, insecure in my actions, and thinking in circles after something unfavorable happened. I didn’t take care of what I was putting into my body, I did things based on what I thought other people wanted me to do, & paid no attention to my inner world.

I believed that there wasn’t enough to go around, an inherent lack in my life and everything around me. I had many friends but few real connections, I had many things but my heart was empty. I was lost without direction, hurting without communication, and unaccountable for my actions.

Fast forward to today, I live a very different life.

The very most basic thing you can do to be well is to EAT WHOLE FOODS THAT CAME FROM THE EARTH. Think of the body like a car, if you put anything other than gasoline into it, IT WONT WORK. The body is very specific in what it requires which are fats, carbohydrates, proteins and an array of vitamins and nutrients that can all be found in plants. From what I have gathered, we are so disconnected from our bodies and our food that we have tricked our minds and taste buds into eating these processed “foods” disguised as foods. But make no mistake, you cannot fool the body into happily digesting what is not meant for it. It is giving you all sorts of signs of its discontentment with our standard American diet, look inside any hospital to see the truth. How is it that we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world and still have so much disease and sickness floating around?

Eating well is a learned skill. It requires investigation, effort, and openness to trying new things. It requires you to spend some time in the kitchen which ultimately can save you a lot of money. Think about when you go out to eat at a restaurant, you don’t know where that food came from, what is in it, what type of oil it was cooked in, or if the person making it even washed their hands… The first and most practical thing you can do to be well is to re evaluate your relationship with food.

Another practical suggestion to be well is getting to know yourself. It is crazy to me that I was able to live in my body for 25 years and never really know it or communicate with it. Knowing yourself makes you comfortable in your ow skin and as a result you to become comfortable in your own life. I started to get to know myself by spending a lot of time with myself. I would go on adventures with myself, spend time in the park with myself, walk myself, ask myself what I want and need today, and most importantly I started to truly take care of myself.

Meditation is key when it comes to knowing yourself. For a long time I believed I “couldn’t meditate,” that it just wasn’t for me. It turns out what I couldn’t do was sit down and be quiet long enough to listen to what my body was trying to tell me all along. I was afraid of stillness because of the pain that was lurking just below, begging to be acknowledged.

Movement has been my savior for many years. Our bodies are made to move. Our bodies love to exert energy and sweat. Movement comes in infinite forms. Find the type of movement that you enjoy and marry it. Sports of all kind help you get moving and also give you a sense of community. Yoga, running and hula hooping are my go to’s. My body craves it and has done it so many times that my brain will automatically follow now without giving me any resistance. Dancing is the ultimate form of expression.

Communication is key for a healthy life. When we don’t communicate and let things go unsaid, those things gets trapped inside of us. This leads to all sorts of negative emotions and can even manifest in the form of diseases. It is not always easy saying things that need to be said, but it has the power to set you free.

Accountability is everything. In order to live our best lives we must realize the profound effect that our thoughts and actions have on the quality of our existence. If you act out of alignment with your values it will lead to imbalance. When you are accountable for yourself, your life, your feelings, actions, beliefs, traumas and how you make other people feel, life becomes very easy because you don’t have anything to hide. You no longer need validation from others because you know who you are.

We can heal by realizing that we are not bound to any one destiny. That there are infinite potentials and possibilities waiting inside of every moment. We are free to choose and make a different choice. We are resilient beings who have the capability to overcome anything that life throws our way. Challenges are lessons and lessons help us grow and discover new parts of ourselves.

What you believe to be true about life ultimately is what is true about life, because we are creating reality with our minds and perceiving it through our individual lenses based off of our past experiences. So if you believe that the world is scary and people are out to get you, then it will be. On the contrary if you believe that the world is your home and people are there to help you, then it will be. Both versions of reality are true and real, it just depends on which lens you choose to view it through.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE ALIVE! With a human body and a thinking brain. That alone is reason enough to live a joyful life. It is easy to get lost in the pursuit of our human desires, but when we remember that life is a gift and we are truly grateful, life will give you 1,000 more reasons to be grateful. It’s an upward spiral that has no limit.

I invite you to look around and remember what you are doing here on planet earth. I have watched my life transform from a place of lack to a place of abundance, and I know that we are all capable of healing ourselves. The secret is that only you can do it for yourself, and all the answers are inside of you waiting doe you to uncover. Breathe, love & let go. Sit with yourself more often. Do kind things for yourself more often. Feed your mind body and spirit every single day. Healing is an inside job and a ticket to a fulfilling life. I love you.

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