Everything is not what it seems

Here we are on planet earth.

Everything is overcom-able, there is nothing here that isn’t meant to be, otherwise it wouldn’t be. Remember, remember. You forgot.. Everything. You agreed to it, you just don’t remember. You are familiar with this whole life thing, but you can't explain how. You know what to do but you don’t know how you know. You’ve been here before..

Everything is not what is seems. There are countless versions of reality happening simultaneously on many different levels. It’s nearly incomprehensible, although we are able to grasp the essence of just how vast and mysterious this existence is. Life can be a heaven or a hell, it’s always been up to you to decide. Within you lies every answer, a deep knowing, a remembrance of where you came from and what you are doing here on earth. Life is happening for you, right now. Make no mistake that the complexity of your body, its connection to the mind, and the soul that embodies it is not a random series of coincidences. You are here for a reason. You are on a mission.

Life is happening on a molecular level so tiny that we are not able to experience it through our senses. We experience a very small fraction of what is really going on here. Our senses pick up very little in comparison to the magnitude of energy exchanges that are taking place at every moment.

It is easy to get lost in life, lost in our roles, our wins and losses. Day by day life passes away and here we are smack dab in the center of our own universe, trying to figure out how to cope with the immense suffering that is inherent in this experience. If we are able to step outside of our self, we are able to see that just beyond the thinking mind lies a deep wisdom that is inherent in all of us.

From the moment you were born you were given a set of rules to live by, an inner guidance system if you will. The more you follow this set of rules the easier life is going to be for you, on every level. The problem is, most people have forgotten that these rules exist so they are living in a way that is much more difficult than it needs to be.

The rules state that you must be extremely accountable for everything you think, say and do. This requires a lot of effort, because it asks us to show up in every moment of our lives. It means you are going to have to do the right thing, which is not always the easy thing. On the deepest level, we always know the difference between right and wrong. We must live in alignment with our truest values.

Life asks you to take care of yourself, those around you, and this beautiful planet we inhabit. Life asks you to know yourself on a deeper level so you can uncover the infinite potential of your very own humanness. Life shows you what brings you joy and asks you to follow it. Life offers you a plethora of circumstances and mishaps for you to learn from. It will offer you tests to make sure you have truly learned, and give you opportunities to make a different choice. If you haven’t truly learned, you will unfortunately be forced to repeat the same lessons until you do.

Everything is in constant motion and life asks you to come along for the ride. It asks you to trust it with everything you’ve got. The more you surrender to life the more you will see that you are loved and guided. And by surrender I don’t mean give up, I mean let go. Of expectations, outcomes, and past versions of yourself that are no longer serving you. Let go and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly, ask for what you want and let it go. You do whatever it takes to live authentically because it is the only way.

The work we are here to do in this life is to be mindfully aware of our thoughts, actions, choices, and how we treat others. We are here to follow our joy and learn so much in the process. It is to truly know ourselves so that we are able to live in alignment with our values and uncover our potential.

This requires you to free yourself from your over thinking mind by taking control of your thoughts. You can take control of your thoughts simply by noticing them. I stepped into my greatest freedom when I realized that I spent a lot of time worrying about things that didn’t actually exist. That no one actually cares what I look like or if I say something stupid, we all have the same feelings, and people can barely remember what they ate for breakfast yesterday. This can be a gateway to freedom, realizing that things only matter as much as we let them matter.

The realization that I am the only person who is constantly living in my reality so I must make decisions based off of what is best for me, not someone else. That as long as I tell the truth and communicate from a place of love, life will give me the strength to make it through any situation and as long as I listen to my heart I will always be guided by love.

When we remember that we are not able to see the full spectrum of true reality, it is easier for us to see how many versions of our own story that we add on top of life. You begin to notice that nothing is quite certain and everything is in a constant flux. This makes life more like a playground than a battlefield. If you can move with the ebb and flow then you are no longer swimming upstream but with the current.

I see many people lost and struggling, and I see a pattern in most of them. They wake up every morning and tell the same story, think the same thoughts and do the exact same things as they did the day before. To make changes in our external world, we must first change our internal world. This could be as simple as a slight change in perspective.

All feelings are valid and all conflict in this world is a result of misunderstanding. If we took the time to understand and communicate openly and clearly, it would avoid a lot of problems. Communication 101 should be taught in all schools. We conjure up a lot of garbage in our minds and are left guessing most of the time. This can all be amended by simply having a honest talk about why we feel the way we feel.

The number one priority for every being in this life is staying alive. Our subconscious mind goes through great lengths to keep us this way. Our subconscious mind (or ego) will do anything to protect us, but at times can be over bearing if we don't learn to distinguish where our voices are coming from. If we can view our ego as our friend that just wants to protect us then we can let it know when it's actions aren't needed because we can handle the situation on our own. If we can learn to communicate honestly and openly from a place of love we will encounter far fewer situations that require our ego to take action.

Everything is not what is seems, but you will need to dive below the surface to understand what that really means. You will need to let go of what you think you know and believe in things you cannot see. Life is very simple and very fun when you act in accordance with the values of love and pay attention to your internal world. You will be amazed at how your life blossoms when you begin to water the seeds inside and around you.

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