A story about love

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

I dance with the impermanence of life, a grand remembrance of learning how to let go I feel fully and completely, allowing myself to be with myself through all of my emotions I meet my shadows in the depths of my core, only to find that my inner child has always been yearning to be set free I listen for the lessons hidden in the challenges, I send gratitude to my teachers that come in the form of friends I stare death in the eyes, just to realize that he is an old friend patiently waiting to guide me home I realize that real love doesn't happen overnight, it takes a level of vulnerability and honesty that can only be found deep in the heart I understand that change lives in our day to day actions, our moment to moment choices I nourish my body with the things it needs to thrive because I know that my health and wellbeing is the most important thing I will ever be able to maintain I see the depth of our abundance, that true happiness in this life comes from what we give and not what we get I sit patiently with myself, seeing that I will never be perfect and there will always be space to grow I don't settle for a false story of fear fed to me through a screen, I choose to discover my own truth about the world I integrate myself into the spaces less familiar in order to fill the gap of misunderstanding I understand the importance of what is means to be alive, to really live no matter what it takes I travel the world for years only to find that the answers I am seeking will never be found outside of me, they are inside all of us I discover there is nothing to fear, and it grants an immense freedom to be the grand creator of my own life As I peek behind the curtain, all I can see is love Life sends me a hug in the form of sunshine on my shoulders The birds sing to me and tell me to keep going To keep carving a new way, and to leave platforms behind My journey blossoms into new forms and changes with the seasons In the end, the only thing left is here and now this moment this grand opportunity to be completely human to make the most out of this crazy precious thing we call life I invite you to remember that we are all one and to be the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be I love you family!! We are all in this together!!!

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