movement medicine

In order to live a balanced, optimal life we must develop a regular movement practice. Movement comes in many forms, find what works best for you. Here are some examples of regular movement practices:

Walking, running, cycling, yoga, qi gong, pilates, swimming, dancing, all sports, flow arts, primal movements, calisthenics,  group fitness classes of any kind, martial arts, weight lifting, climbing, etc.


Foundational yoga postures to help get you started!

Find a quiet space and flow with me!


Flow arts saved my life!!!

In my early 20's I was heading down a questionable path. I was drinking quite heavily and feeling deeply unfulfilled in my day to day life. I struggled to feel purpose and meaning, my soul hurt. When I went to music festivals I would see people hula hooping and I always thought it looked pretty neat! In the summer of 2014 I bought my first hula hoop from someone selling them on craiglist and started hooping in my back yard with a good friend that wanted to learn too. We would practice for hours and watch youtube tutorials, and get so excited when we nailed a new move! Hula hooping became my new favorite thing to do. The way I felt when I hooped was that of pure contentment, tapping into the flow state changed the way I perceived life. It became my movement medicine. It helped me find my groove and authenticity in this life. Fast forward to 2020, I've never once put my hula hoops down. Flow arts have become a part of who I am and I will practice for as long as I am alive. The amount in which I have learned and improved over the years shows us that will time and intention anything is possible. For anyone who is struggling out there, know that you are not alone! Find something that lights you up, that gets you moving. There are many other kinds of flow arts. Poi, buugeng, fans, juggling, silks, staff, wand, contact juggling, etc. This practice connects our mind with our body, allows us to let go and enter the flow state, it helps us unlock our creativity, we move and breathe, and its extremely fun! I cannot express the magic of flow arts purely into words, you must experience it for yourself.



Above and Beyond

Hooping in Oaxaca

A dance for peace



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