Love turns walls into doors, pain into wisdom, plans into action. Love is constant, our true nature, our greatest power. 💕
Love turns strangers into friends, vulnerability into courage, and every day into an adventure.
Love is a choice
Love always knows what to do
If you want to invite more love into your life then think from a place of love, speak from a place of love & act from a place of love.
Take some time to show yourself and those around you some love.
Why do you do what you do?
Reflect on your intentions daily because love is an everyday practice. Take time for yourself daily because how can you show up as your best self if your needs are not being met?
Life is pretty simple when you are honest, accountable & open to recieve. Life loves you and wants you to succeed. Dont forget that all of this is here for you. I love you ♥️ 💝

ps. What is true will always remain


Reality is a reflection of your perception

What you think, say, and do is a reflection of what you believe to be true. 

What are some things you believe to be true about life? about yourself? about the world? 

By actively questioning our beliefs we are able to uncover them and in turn discover what we truly believe, where our beliefs came from, and if those belief serve us. 


Questions to help you identify your purpose

What are you being called towards?
What do you want to create?
What makes you feel excited?
What do you tell people about yourself?
What are you most proud of?
What do you consider the most effective use of time?
What do you believe to be true about life? about yourself?
Why do you do what you do?
What is important to you?
When do you feel your best?


Remember to Breathe!

Where are you breathing from?

your mouth or your nose?

are your breaths long or short?

It is so important and beneficial to breathe with awareness and intention. Long, deep belly breaths inhaling and exhaling through the nose. 


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